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Available Keynotes

Creating a Culture of Connection

Explore the principles of bonding used by crisis negotiators in life or death conversations. By applying these same techniques, your team will more skillfully recognize and value diverse perspectives, creating a culture of connection

within your organization. 

Half-day workshops

Go deeper into the knowledge of what hostage negotiators know and what they can do.  Incorporate skill building sessions in your event to empower your team with the skills needed to be impactful negotiators.  

Leading with Influence

What is the one thing that could explode your business while strengthening the allegiance of your team? The answer is influence. Learn how leaders can utilize the same powerful strategies of hostage negotiators to find influence in all their interactions.

Full day workshops

Case studies and additional skill and knowledge based seminars are added to the half day session to make for an unforgettable, life-changing experience of negotiation excellence.

Finding Success Through Conflict Resolution

Are you working with challenging personalities who are causing conflict in the workplace? It's tough to avoid them! This engaging keynote teaches tactics to confidently embrace conflict resolution to find success for you and your business. 

Virtual events

Would a virtual event best serve the needs of your team?  Contact us to set up a customized event with worldwide reach!  


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