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Available Keynotes

Reconnecting Humanity

Our society is filled with people in pain. Scott shares how crisis negotiators utilize the power of connection and help people discover their purpose.  This session outlines the bonding process and how we can reconnect teams and families alike using his method.  

Half-day workshops

Go deeper into the knowledge of what hostage negotiators know and what they can do.  Incorporate skill building sessions in your event to empower your team with the skills needed to be impactful negotiators.  

Modern Influence

Our concerns and priorities have changed and our approach to influence and communication must adapt.  Scott shares how we must move forward from established ways of thinking to be most impactful in today's conversations.

Full day workshops

Case studies and additional skill and knowledge based seminars are added to the half day session to make for an unforgettable, life-changing experience of negotiation excellence.

Negotiation Excellence

How can the skills of crisis and hostage negotiation benefit your leadership or sales team?  Learn the same techniques of an FBI trained negotiator, and how these can raise your team's performance to the next level!

Virtual events

Would a virtual event best serve the needs of your team?  Contact us to set up a customized event with worldwide reach!  


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